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Here’s a quick guide for commissioning a picture, with indicative prices, times, and more.


The first thing we will need is a scanned picture. Although we accept pictures taken by a camera, working on a scanned version increases the quality. Paper shops let you scan pictures starting at as little as $0.10. It’s also important to scan the picture in a good resolution. Resolution is expressed in dots per inch (dpi), and although 300 dpi is the average resolution, we encourage you to scan the originals in a higher resolution. A resolution of 1200 dpi, for instance, will make things easier.


After you’ve scanned the picture, it’s time to send it to us. Just send an email to letting us know that you’re interested in having your picture colorized, and we can start work as soon as it arrives. If your email service can’t support the file, try sending it with WeTransfer after you’ve notified us.


After we’ve received the picture, we then examine it in great detail and evaluate its price. Colorization and restoration prices start at as little as $15, making us one of the best-priced colorization companies you’ll find on the internet. You won't be charged any extras for colorization—the restoration is included! If you want to see an orientation, take a look at the Pricing section in COMMISSION.


The first thing we do is to increase the quality of your picture by restoring it, unless you indicate that you don't want to. You won't be charged any extras for restoration if you also paid for colorization services.


Colorization is the most time-consuming part of the process, and we will ask you any indications you might like to add, such as textures, colors, backgrounds, etc. to make the picture look exactly as you imagined it would be.


Once we’ve finished, we send you the first version to review. We want you to love your colorization, so feel free to ask for improvements if you’re not 100% happy. When you’re satisfied with the first version, we proceed to checkout and send you the final version.


Prices vary slightly depending on the difficulty of your photograph (and therefore the time it takes to do it).


We trust our clients, so for commissions under $40 you don’t pay a cent until we show you the final version. For commissions over $40, we ask that you pay a $10 deposit in advance. 

This is a guide to our pricing scale, which starts at the modest amount of 10 dollars or euros. We can accept all currencies (after applying a conversion).

$/€10: Plain colors, icons, single person on group/military photo. (Example)

$/€20: Portrait, pictures with just one subject, normal landscapes. (Example)

$/€25: One person standing, large landscapes. (Example)

$/€35-40: From two to five people, gigantic landscapes. (Example)

$/€50: More than five people. (Example)

$/€50 or plus: More than ten people, complex backgrounds, military groups, complex diagrams. (Example)


We may apply a 20% discount on any colorization if the client accepts to publish their image on Flickr under the Commons Attribution license (CC BY 2.0). This will be applied to pictures of historical interest or significance, or others that we find suitable for the discount.


Before or after making a commission, we will agree upon an approximate delivery date with you. The wait time may take up to one day, and rarely exceeds a week. In the case of portraits, the average wait time is just 48 hours.